Rosehip, Pepperberry & Anise Myrtle Syrup

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Hand foraged rosehips, wild harvested pepperberries & anise myrtle make up this beautifully crafted syrup.
It makes a great cocktail syrup, cordial, salad dressing or dessert syrup.
Hobart Fine Food Awards

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Hand foraged Rosehip, Pepperberry & Anise Myrtle syrup

We harvest rosehips from Tasmania’s south east, where they grow semi-wild as a farm weed.
Pepperberries come from carefully managed wilderness sites all across Tasmania.
In 2018 this product won Reserve Champion in the Sweet Preserves category at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards.
It has a complex, delicate and beautifully balanced flavours with great kitchen versatility.  The traditional health benefits of rosehip are enhanced by both pepperberry and anise myrtle.  Anise Myrtle is a long-known health tonic to Australian aboriginals.

Tip: Try mixing it with a bit of olive oil & salt flakes to make a soft, unique salad dressing.

Health benefits

Using weeds in your drink may not sound very attractive, but it’s true! Rosehips are invasive weeds that often grow wild along hedgerows and unkempt gardens. We forage these through our Urban Harvest Project, ensuring that we only harvest on pesticide and chemical free properties.
Rosehips are considered an old world cure-all natural remedy for the immune system, skin conditions, arthritis, gout, inflammatory conditions and high cholesterol. Best of all it tastes divine! Soft, delicate and fruity.  Read more about the health benefits of rosehips.
So, despite the horrors of harvesting and processing this prickly itchy fruit, we are bringing this red gem back into the spotlight. With great flavour and heaps of health benefits, it deserves a place in the gourmet food stage!

More anti oxidants than blueberries with demonstrated natural anti-inflammatory properties and some anti viral properties!
Pepperberry gives the syrup a fresh spicy flavour and aroma and a slight peppery tingle.


Anise Myrtle

Anise Myrtle has antioxidant, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It is also a good source of magnesium, lutein, folate, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Anise Myrtle has also been found to have very high quantities of the compound anethole and is traditionally used by indigenous Australians as a tonic.

Infuse the leaves as a tea or concentrated with sugar as an Anise Myrtle syrup.

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