Anise Myrtle


Anise myrtle is a potent native spice that imparts a vibrant anise flavour to baking, preserves, curries and fish.  It is the native equivalent of star anise, only stronger!


Anise myrtle originates from the subtropical rainforests of New South Wales.  The leaf was used by aboriginal peoples as a vitalizing health tonic.  Interestingly it has been shown to be an antioxidant and antimicrobial.  It may also have a settling effect on the stomach.  At Wild Pepper Isle we use it in two of our range of preserves.  These include Rose Anise Jelly and a syrup of rosehip, pepperberry and Anise.  Now this is gonna sound like I am bragging (I am) but these two products won both first and second prize at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards.  That’s the power of Anise myrtle!

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