Tasmanian pepperberry

If you are looking for wholesale Tasmanian pepperberry then your search has now ended! We sustainably harvest our pepperberry from a dozen different properties across Tasmania. Learn more about wild harvest.

We harvest and process pepperberry ourselves. This gives us excellent quality control and enables us to meet your exact product specifications.

We supply pepperberry frozen, air dried or freeze dried.

Frozen berries are preferred by some of our customers who use pepperberry in their manufactured products. Freezing best preserves full flavour and aroma but frozen berries are highly perishable once defrosted and can be expensive to transport. It is only suitable for customers who can immediately process frozen berries.

Freeze drying retains the original shape and fullness of berry flavour but is slightly less spicy than air-dried berries. It is also somewhat more purple in colour. It is preferred by customers who want to use pepperberry as a garnish or who value fullness of flavour or that unique purple colour. Both freeze dried and air dried berries are stable for up to three years when stored in suitably dry and dark conditions. Both types will re-hydrate when exposed to high humidity. Freeze dried berries will rehydrate faster as the original moisture content is much lower.

Air dried pepperberries are our most popular form of pepperberry. They are more spicy than freeze dried, cheaper and can be used in a conventional pepper grinder. However, if this is your purpose then you should request small grade berries in your order or cracked pepperberries. Smaller berries grind better in conventional pepper grinders.

Freeze-dried alongside air-dried pepperberry
Pepperberry: Freeze-dried alongside air-dried

We supply Tasmanian pepperberry whole or milled.

We store all of our pepperberry whole to keep it fresh and only mill it when we receive an order for milled pepperberry.
You can specify milling to either fine or coarse, which is to a maximum particle size of 0.8mm and 2.0mm respectively. We also produce cracked pepperberry, which has minimal fine particles. Both air dried and freeze dried pepperberry can be milled.

Fine milled, coarse milled and cracked Pepperberry (air dried)

If you would like to place an order or learn more about our Tasmanian pepperberry then contact us.

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