Pepperberry close up

Wild Pepper Isle is located in the beautiful Palawa land, Tasmania, in southern Australia! We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this beautiful land and pay our respects to past, present and emerging Tasmanian Aboriginal communities.

We hand-forage native pepperberry and Kunzea from carefully selected and managed locations in the Tasmanian wilderness, to bring you genuinely Tasmanian bushfood flavours!  Both of these spices are perfect for seasoning your meals when you want something a little bit different – an experience of the Tasmanian wilderness.    

Our vision is to share Tasmanian bushfood with the rest of Australia

We first encountered Tasmanian pepperberry when bushwalking many years ago.  Back then it was only bushwalkers and indigenous people that knew about pepperberry.  But some things are too good to keep to yourself!

Our vision is to share Tasmanian bushfood with the rest of Australia and showcase the unique range of flavours and aromas that our native plants have to offer. 

Our Ethos

We are living in a global world, often eating imported food that we know nothing about.  For us it is important that we know the origins of the food we eat. We believe that food should be sustainably and ethically sourced, with minimal food miles and environmentally neutral packaging.  So it brings us great pleasure to be able to offer locally sourced (and superior!) alternatives to imported foods! We believe that real food is connected to country and has a provenance story to tell.

Sustainability of our wild harvest operations is of utmost importance to us.  Our business depends on wild harvest, and we manage our harvest sites with a long-term future in mind. 

Wild harvest vs orchard production

Tasmanian pepper is a scarce commodity.  The industry is dependent upon wild harvest at present and will continue to be so for some time yet.

Wild communities of pepperberry are highly susceptible to climatic and environmental variations, and thus fruiting varies considerably between years. The transition to orchard production, whilst a long-term process, is the best way to ensure sustainability of supply and growth of the industry. We are doing what we can to assist in this transition. Read about our pepperberry propagation efforts on our wild harvest pepperberry page.

Other stuff we do

Right at the beginning of this little business back in 2015 we got busy in the kitchen developing our own range of pepperberry preserves and teas! We have had a good deal of success on that front – winning numerous awards at the Australian fine food awards and Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards.  Check them out on our online store

In addition to pepperberry our preserves include a range of fruits including quince, crab apple, rosehips, plums and blackberries. All of these fruits have been either foraged or collected through an urban harvest project. You can’t get more local than Foraged fruits!