Bush food recipes

We’ve been playing in the kitchen a bit lately using Australian native and wild-grown non-native bush food. 
The Tasmanian native food we harvest that appear in these bush food recipes include:

  • Tasmanian Pepperberry
  • Kunzea Ambigua
  • Wattleseed
  • Bowers Spinach
  • Coastal Saltbush
  • Bowers Spinach
  • Samphire
  • Nettles

Non Australian “bush” food.

Ok, so they are not native food. In fact, many of these plants can be described as invasive weeds.

They are often found growing wild anywhere that European settlers have touched – along hedgerows, overhanging garden fruit trees, overgrown gardens. These can provide abundant delights which we forage through our Urban Harvest Project.

Our favourites and old time reliables include:

  • Quince (used in our Peppy Quince Paste, Bush Jelly, Slatherin Sauce and Dessert Sauces)
  • Rosehips (used in our Rosehip & Pepperberry Dessert Sauce)
  • Blackberries (used in our Blackberry & Pepperberry Dessert Sauce)
  • Fennel (used in our Zing Chai)
  • and Lemons (used in almost everything we make!)

Other non native plants we forage for (and maybe will appear in future products) include:

  • Plums
  • Sloe berry
  • hawthron
  • elderberry

Check them out. Send us some feedback if you try them out. Take photos and tag us @wildpepperisle on Facebook or Instagram! Better still, why not post us your own favourite native food recipe?

Duck with Plum & Pepperberry Sauce

pepperberry sauce

A homemade pepperberry sauce has a rich spiciness with fantastic aromatics that lends itself readily to an Asian style cuisine. During mid summer, plums of all varieties can be found readily throughout Australian gardens. Harvest these goodies! Don’t let these go to waste! We’ll teach you how to make a rich Plum & Pepperberry Sauce… Continue reading Duck with Plum & Pepperberry Sauce

Pepperberry infused Tasmanian Mussels

Where the Mountains meet the Sea – Tasmanian Mussels with Pepperberry dressing Tasmania boasts some of the worlds most cleanest and pristine coastal waters, producing world renowned fresh seafood. Tasmanian mussels are rich in flavour, delicate in texture and highly nutritious. Ingredients: 1kg Live Tasmanian Mussels 50ml Pepperberry Syrup 20ml lemon juice 20ml olive oil… Continue reading Pepperberry infused Tasmanian Mussels

Pepperberry Kunzea Salad Dressing

High altitude Mountain Pepper and coastal Kunzea Ambigua blend together well in a Pepperberry Kunzea salad dressing. This simple, easy to make dressing will add a bite of charisma to your salads. Recipe 20ml Pepperberry syrup 50ml extra virgin Olive oil 10ml freshly squeezed Lemon juice A pinch of Kunzea Ambigua leaf


The nutrient rich cold-water marine environment in Tasmania is amongst the most unpolluted and unspoiled on Earth, which is why using coastal plants in cooking is such a delight! Foraging: You can often find long strands of fresh kelp and clumps of sea lettuce washed up on shore after a storm and these are the… Continue reading Seaweed

Drinks & Cocktails

Pepperberry cocktail

Pepperberry syrup imparts fruitiness, bush aromas, and a distinctive spicy bite to drinks and cocktails. Its fresh aromatics lends itself beautiful to gin style cocktails. It is a building and lingering heat that is unique to pepperberry.Corinne likes to add a splash into her G&T whereas Chris justs adds a splash of it to his dry… Continue reading Drinks & Cocktails