About Us

Good things come in pairs…. A pair of fluffy slippers, wheels on a bicycle, peanut butter & jam, the number of outcomes in a coin toss…..

These two friends make up the wonder that is Wild Pepper Isle.

Chris, a home grown Tassie boy and founder of Wild Pepper Isle, started the venture in 2015.

With a degree in Agriculture and a PhD in microbiology he ditched his lab coat for an apron. his pipette for a picking ladder, and strode out in search of Mountain Pepper.

Chris is the thinker (procrastinator), the monomaniac, the grit, the endurance runner, the bull in a china shop and the lifter of heavy items.

Corinne came on board in 2016 to complete the Dream Team..

Already established in the food industry as a Food safety auditor and Quality Assurance manager with a background in Biomedical science, Corinne lent her experience to new product development, compliance and marketing.

Corinne is the do’er, the organiser, the damage controller, the strategist, the nagger, and she can lift too bro!

Both have a love of the Tasmanian wilderness, sustainable consumption, good food and simple living. That coupled with an almost masochistic affinity for challenging projects, starting a business in native foods seemed an obvious choice!

With no clue on how to run a business but fuelled by enthusiasm and growing debt, we hit the kitchen hard! From the handpicking of pepperberrys to the designing of our brand, every step of this journey has been a learning curve. Tears, trials and triumphs later, we came up with a modest range of unique award winning products we are immensely proud of.

And this is only the beginning….