About Us

Chris Chapman

Chris is a locally grown Tassie boy with a love of the environment and all things Tasmanian.

Looking for something new way back in 2015, Chris got this pepperberry thing rolling. With a degree in Agriculture and a PhD in microbiology, he ditched his lab coat for an apron, his pipette for a picking ladder, and strode out in search of Tasmanian Pepper.

Chris believes in this industry because pepperberry is Tassie’s very own and is borne out of beautiful natural places that he loves.  He is more passionate than ever about this young industry and is continuing to expand his vision for sustainably managing wild harvest of pepperberry.  Chris is supported in this venture by his partner Anna. Together they are busy propagating pepperberry plants for enrichment planting on their favourite picking locations. 

Anna and Chris hanging out in Waratah
Chris and Anna weathering the storm while out picking pepper

Corinne Ooms

Corinne joined in the pepperberry fun in 2016. She brought along her vision of resource, use, efficiency, and a love of local foraging, complementing and expanding Wild Pepper Isle’s Urban Harvest venture.

Already established in the food industry as a Food safety auditor & consultant, and New Product Development & Quality Assurance manager, Corinne lent her experience to new product development, compliance, and marketing.

She has a keen interest and love of foraging and for sustainable eating, sharing her knowledge through events and workshops.

“Humans, by nature, are hunter gatherers. We have become so disconnected with our food through daily life, seeking convenience over sustainability, flavour and health.
Foraging is important because it helps us reconnect with our food, and land.”

Urban Harvest
Corinne doing what she does best – foraging!