Native Harvest

At Wild Pepper Isle we believe that it is important to know where food comes from.   Real food has a provenance story to tell!  It comes from a particular place and involves real people with a connection to land.  We want you to know where our food products come from.   

We either harvest our main raw ingredients ourselves or have a close association with those that do.  In this way we can have better quality control and ensure that our products are harvested sustainably and ethically.  This is especially important when it comes to the harvest of native plants, which may impact upon environment adversely or positively.  We procure kunzea and pepperberry from naturally occurring stands. 

Our range of preserves contain fruits that we have procured from urban sources and foraging of rural properties.  We derive great satisfaction from picking our own fruit and being involved in the manufacturing process from go to whoa.  We also do all our own cooking, packaging, labels and sales.  For us it is truly a paddock to plate (or bush to plate!) experience.