Tasmanian Kunzea

Our wholesale Kunzea comes from Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast. It grows wild and abundant from Freycinet and towards the north east. It grows in the coastal hinterland over the East Coast’s iconic red granite geology that stretches through Tasmania’s most northerly point, the Furneaux islands. Kunzea grows all throughout this area. Learn more about Kunzea wild harvest here.

We harvest and process Kunzea ourselves. This gives us excellent quality control and enables us to meet your exact product specifications. We can supply Kunzea either as whole leaf, coarsely milled or fine milled.

Kunzea whole leaf , coarse milled and fine milled respectively

Tasmanian Kunzea is an emergent spice in the market place. Some exciting products are beginning to appear. Our Kunzea is turning up in restaurants, in teas and distilled products such as Gin and pure Kunzea oil. It is truly a taste of the Tasmanian bush.

Limited edition Kunzea Gin!

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