Dukkah dipping sauce

This dukkah dipping sauce is super simple to make and uses one of our very own products – Tassie bush dukkah! It is intended to be served along sides crudites in the French tradition.

Ingredients are as follows:

  • Tassie bush dukkah – 3 heaped tsp
  • sour cream or dairy free equivalent – 3 fully loaded tbsp
  • mayonnaise (optional) – 1 fully loaded tbsp
  • parmesan cheese (optional) – 1 tbsp
  • lemon juice – half a lemon
  • sugar – half a tsp

Combine all the above ingredients and mix into a serving bowl or ramekin. Let stand in the refrigerator for an hour or so before serving. Serve dukkah dipping sauce with sliced fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers and savoury biscuits or bread. You will love the purple colours that bleed out from the pepperberry!

Dukkah dipping sauce up close