Pepperberry Grinder


This pepperberry grinder is a great way to experience the difference between Tasmanian pepperberry and regular imported black pepper.  Use it as you would black pepper – apply it direct to meals or in cooking.


This pepperberry grinder is a great way to experience the full aroma and flavour of Tasmanian pepperberry.  Freshly ground pepperberry  has a beautiful bush aromatic – sweet menthol with a hint of cloves, vanilla and a musky something.  Of course it has a little more bite than it’s imported counterpart (regular pepper).  So go easy at first!

This pepperberry grinder has a fully adjustable ceramic core. It is durable and designed to be reused many times.  It can deliver very finely ground particles or very coarse – as you desire.  The grinder head is large, fits well in your hand and is ergonomic to use.  The grinder has a cap on the top which is a useful feature when cooking – if you want to measure out the dose precisely grind into the cap and measure with a teaspoon into your pot.

We prefer to fill our pepperberry grinders with pre-cracked pepperberry to facilitate consistent grinding.  To ensure the freshly ground experience we remove fine particles generated in the cracking process by passing cracked pepperberry over a sieve.  A seal underneath the grinder cap ensures product freshness.

Food for thought: try freshly cracked pepperberry on ice cream or watermelon! It is good on sweet things and savoury.  Apply onto poached eggs – it will bleed a purple colour!

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