Forager’s Rosehip Jelly


Hand foraged rosehips, garden grown crab apples & Australian native anise myrtle make up this delicate Rose Anise Jelly. It is a great accompaniment to fish & meat dishes, desserts or cheese platters.
Wild Pepper Isle Champion Award

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This Rosehip Jelly is a big award winner!

This product caught the attention of judges at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards in 2018.   It won the whole sweet preserves category!!

Use Rosehip Jelly as you would Cranberry jelly or try the following:  Mix it with olive oil & salt flakes to make a simple and delightful salad dressing.  Mix it with plain yogurt for breakfast or use it in desserts.  We add a tiny dollop of it to smoked salmon on toasted sourdough, cream cheese & rocket.  Soooo good!!


Making good use of Urban Harvest

The crab apples, rosehips & lemons used in this jar of yumminess are hand picked from back gardens and hedgerows across Hobart.

We hand pick all our fruit so we know that we have only the best fruit. Quality in = quality out!

We forage these through our Urban Harvest Project, harvesting only on pesticide and chemical free properties.

If you live in the Hobart area and have some fruit spare then give us a shout and we will happily do a trade!


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  1. Jess

    Oh my goodness. I was honestly shocked by how delicious this is. We eat it with Brie and crackers, and it is my new favourite food. 11/10. I couldn’t recommend more highly.

    • info@wpi

      Thanks Jess! So happy to read this feedback! <3 My favourite way to use it is mixed in granola and natural yoghurt.

  2. Dave Foster

    Kicking myself that we didn’t buy more of this absolutely delicious jelly at the Salamanca Markets when we visited. At least you have an online store!

    • info@wpi

      Thanks Dave!! So happy you loved it! You should try our other bushfood jellies! 😉

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