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Kunzea Jelly will add a little sophistication to your cheese board.  The jelly base is made from bletted medlars and crab apple.  The distinctive Kunzea flavour is achieved through an infusion methodology – to maximise flavour with minimal leaf particles, added at the end of the cook.  True to our foraging nature all key ingredients have been foraged by yours truly.  We hope you enjoy this product as much as we have enjoyed making it.


Kunzea Jelly is the latest addition to our product range and is designed to show case Kunzea – Tassie’s own east coast herb! We could have equally called it “Medlar and Crab Apple Jelly infused with Kunzea” but that would have been a mouthful! So Kunzea Jelly it is.

Kunzea emanates from Tasmania’s east coast, north of Freycinet.  There it grows abundantly on the iconic granite geology so well known at places like Coles Bay, Bay of Fires and Furneaux Islands.  Think pearly white sand with pink granite rocks splattered with red algae. Beautiful!

We harvest Kunzea sustainably from a farm in Freycinet.  Follow the link to read more about our Kunzea harvest efforts.

Kunzea Jelly is a sweet jelly with a distinctive herbal flavour that is just so Kunzea! As oregano tastes like oregano and basil tastes like basil so too Kunzea is hard to compare to other herbs.  You’ll just have to try it!  When pushed I tell people it is like rosemary, cardamon and mint but not like any of them at all.

Off the spoon you might find it almost too much Kunzea.  But that is not how we suggest you use it!  We suggest you use this Jelly in both sweet and savoury applications.  It would be right at home on a cheese board, on cold meats, with fish, in a salad dressing, on toast or stirred through yogurt.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed making it!

Oh and tell all your friends about it. It’s new and it’s a uniquely Tasmanian bush food flavour.

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