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Pepperberries growing on former bushranger’s farm

Planting the first pepperberries at Martin Cash property in Montrose

This ABC radio interview was published in September 2017.  I’ve finally posted it on to our website! Did you know that our Montrose property was formerly owned by Martin Cash? Well it was indeed! Martin Cash was one of Van Diemen land’s most notorious and charismatic bush rangers. It has a few very old pear trees remaining that were probably planted by Cash himself.

You can read the full article and interview with Sally Dakis at the following URL.

Heritage orchard restored in Montrose

We are feeling a tiny bit famous after making page 3 of the Saturday Mercury (01/07/18)!  We are in the early stages of restoring an heritage orchard on our property in Montrose, which once belonged to Tasmanian bushranger Martin Cash.  Read all about Martin Cash here – . The remaining trees might have been planted by Martin Cash himself.  That would make them 140 years old!