Pepperberry harvest 2020

It would be remiss of me not to mention something about our 2020 pepperberry harvest. It was not a big operation this year. Four of us went out picking for a total of around three weeks. This post is just a few random snapshots from this time. I have to say we all immensely enjoyed getting out picking this year. The ever changing beauty and immersive experience of the forest was a stark contrast to the changing outside world as the Coronavirus pandemic emerged. It was as if the forest hadn’t even noticed the unfolding drama!

Well the first random picture is of me and my old basket belt! This is a belt I lost in the forest in 2017 and found this year (thanks Adrian). Hand made by my father John, some 50 years ago – this was a special find!

Chris finds his old belt – lost in 2017

The next pic is of the picking crew. Pedro, Adrian and myself, all out picked by Anna! Obviously the boys were too busy posing for photos while Anna did the work. But hey, wouldn’t this make a great cover shot for our first album…. should we ever form a band! Corinne is not pictured here but played a heavy hand in cleaning the berries and holding the fort back at Pepper Isle headquarters – someone had to!

Chris, Pedro, Adrian and Anna

More evidence of gratuitous posing. This next photo is actually a really good one! Such a beautiful place. Captures a good moment.

High moment – Adrian and Pedro taking in the sunset after a big day picking

The next photo ain’t that great but it tells a little story. Did you know that it is possible to eat pepperberry every day?? We tested the theory out. It is true. You can eat pepperberry every day. We even had a camp side kitchen bush that no one was allowed to pick! Try fire roasted spuds with butter, garlic and pepperberry. Oh that purple colour!

Roast spuds with pepperberry!

Finally, I simply had to include a picture of the biggest mushrooms I ever did see! Oh oh, and of course some pepperberries – it was a pepperberry harvest trip afterall!

The biggest mushrooms you ever did see… and pepperberries!

Follow this link to know more about our wild harvest operations.

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