In search of Wara1

Last weekend Anna and I drove all the way to Waratah enduring rain, snow and mud to try and find “Wara1” – as recorded in my GPS – a single pepperberry tree that I marked in 2017.  Needless to say it is a special bush.  It stands at only 2.5m high and yielded 20kg of berries in 2017! That sort of yield is unusually high.  It would make a great addition to our future pepperberry orchard!  As it turned out, however, it was hard to find. 

Initially I thought I could locate it by memory alone. Nope. It could have been any of a dozen or so.  Not perturbed I switched on my GPS but was disappointed to find it accurate to only +/- 100m – useless! 

Chris trying hard to remember Wara1

So a couple of hours and 10mm of rain later we managed to find it.  I had constructed a small cairn under the tree which, 3 years later, was covered by moss and dirt.  We cut off a small branch for propagation.

Chris finds his cairn buried under Wara1
Anna finds more rocks to add to the cairn – will be easier to find next time!

We spent a little time hanging out in Waratah. Camping out was fun albeit bloody freezing – it even snowed!  We checked out some of the best pepper stands in Waratah – which are probably the best wild stands in Tasmania (and the world actually!)

Hanging out in Waratah – it snowed! (but didn’t settle)

We camped out at Laughing Jack lagoon en route home – proving that it is possible (but not easy) to light a fire when everything is wet – lifesaver! And then we headed home to the serious job of taking cuttings for propagation.

Propagation by cuttings – long into the night!

There you are – 1500 new cuttings to look after! Our orchard will one day help us to be less reliant on wild harvest – read on if you’re interested!

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