Pepperberry grinder refill


Freshly ground is the best and simplest way to enjoy the full flavour and aroma of pepperberry.  Our pepperberry grinder refill contains 50g of pre-cracked pepperberry for use in a pepperberry grinder.

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Our pepperberry grinder refill contains 50g of cracked pepperberry to go straight into your pepper grinder.  We like to keep a dedicated grinder for pepperberry that sits along side (in front of!) our regular (imported) pepper grinder. Some people like to blend pepperberry and regular pepper – this also works well.

We pre-crack our pepperberry grinder refills to facilitate a consistent grinding experience. Fine particles generated in the cracking process are removed to preserve the freshly ground experience (< 0.7mm).  See the attached image to see pre-cracked pepperberry.

If you are looking for whole pepperberry then follow this link.  Whole berries can be processed with a mortar and pestle – which works very well unless your berries have rehydrated – in which case you may need to dry before use.

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