Foraged fruits

We love local. And you cant get more local than foraged fruits from your own back yard! Most of the fruit we use in our preserves has been foraged from backyards around Hobart – through our own urban harvest project.

We started a promotional campaign in 2016 for the specific purpose of finding quince for our  “Peppy Quince Paste“.  Through use of social media, newspaper advertising and market stall promotions we managed to gather a total of 1.35 tonnes of quince.  Soooo much quince!!

In 2017 we expanded our efforts to include a range lemons, crab apples, blackberries, rose-hips and fennel.  This year in 2020 we have added plums to our collection of foraged fruits.

So why use foraged fruits?

  • Sustainability – Much of the food we eat has traveled hundreds, even thousands of km to reach us. We want to encourage gardeners to grow their own food for their own use or to sell and barter.
  • Organic – We ensure that the fruit we source is free of pesticides & herbicides.
  • Availability – Quince, crab apples, medlars & rosehips are not big commercial crops in Tasmania. However, through word of mouth we have been able to source more than enough for our products.

What’s in it for the ‘urban farmer’?

Contributors are paid per kg of fruit harvested.  The rate is dependent on type of fruit, the season and quality. Contributors may alternatively choose to trade their foraged fruit for some other fruit we have harvested, or even some of our finished preserves!

Are you from greater Hobart and have surplus fruit you would like to sell/trade?
Get in touch!