Tasmanian Kunzea

When we were introduced to Kunzea as a herb for food a few years ago we had no idea what a journey we were to embark upon! We were already aware of its medicinal use to treat arthritis pain and inflammation but we also soon discovered it was a fantastic edible herb. Similar to rosemary but with a warm, fresh eucalypt, lemony, honey aroma.

We started conservatively in the kitchen – mixed in with some baked spuds. The result was a very pleasing, highly distinctive, and almost sweet herbal dimension.
From there on to bigger things – baked with fish with a white wine & kunzea sauce, mushroom & kunzea risotto, baked into bread, pizza bases and even cakes.
Now it is a staple herb in the pantry!
Our Pepperberry & Kunzea Sea Salt is one of our best selling products and a consistent gold medal & award winner.

pepperberry kunzea sea salt

Wild harvest

In 2019 we met a couple of good folk along Tassies east coast who were willing to make their land and kunzea available to us for a commercial harvest. Then began a flurry of activity as we developed capacity to dry, clean and mill kunzea on a grandiose scale. Of course it had to be big! At least big enough to really test the market.

Corinne with her hands full!

The first site we managed to find near was just perfect. Kunzea was growing so thick there that that farmer who owned the land had been mowing it down in parts to retain access across the property. We carefully hedged the bushes – in order that the bushes would thicken up for a repeat harvest next year. We had secured a reliable and sustainable source that appeared to us unlimited at our current scale.

Kunzea in a drying room

We are very excited about this newest part of our business. Stay tuned and we will (try to) post some recipes on this site soon.

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